Why I stopped writing on Quora and moved to the medium?

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While growing up, I always used to be apprehensive when it comes to writing or speaking in English.

Even though there were many factors that led me to cultivate self-crippling doubt inside me for this particular language but one of the main was, I studied in a state board school where English was not even considered a subject worthy of spending time on.

Time passed by and the thing which was just an apprehension, a few years ago became my weakness and started acting as an impediment in my personal and professional growth.

Then one day out of nowhere I stumbled upon an adorable website called Quora. After reading a few of the answers, I got really fascinated. I mean, I never knew such a platform exists where one can share their thoughts, knowledge, and ideas unreservedly and along the way also can improve this universal language.

I took no time to decide that I would write on this site.

I wrote, 1,2,3,4,….10 answers back to back in a hope that I will get noticed and will be appreciated. But honestly, nobody cared.

But I kept writing and also steadily started getting credibility. But fast forward to the present, Quora is day by day becoming like memes sharing and dating platform.

I mean there is hardly any writer left on Quora who writes thorough and well-researched answers on this question answer sharing platform.

And there are several reasons for this, first off, the Quora algorithm which promotes the content containing visuals more than the one which is informative.

Then, quora moderation. I mean I have seen a lot of good writers getting banned from this site because they hadn’t followed Quora’s be nice be respectful policy.

Back in 2014–2015, Quora was really a great place to find useful and unprejudiced answers to your questions. But now, Quora is becoming more like another social media platform where you could find many PR agencies promoting their agendas profusely and influencing the reader’s opinions and preferences.

You can often find people fighting over some opinion in comments and this really makes this place a toxic one.

People sending creepy messages, girls boasting about their impeccable English skills is a very common sight there and girls writing long answers posting the screenshot of those creepy chats is what follows next.

Quora also started its partner program to encourage users to ask more questions and reward them accordingly but I believe this is a backfire as now people are asking trivial and futile questions in order to earn money.

Why medium?

What I love the most about the medium is its minimalism. As a writer, our only focus should be on writing high-quality content daily so the readers here can find the value out of it and we can also grow together as a writer.

And this is what the medium does. Here you won’t find answers filled with appealing visuals and irritating ads.

Even though there is an option of adding pictures in a medium answer but overusing it definitely doesn’t get encouraged here.

On medium, the pictures get added only to support writing but on Quora, it is now, other way around. There, people write answers only with visuals, barely having any writing and they still get appreciations and recognitions from the readers. This discourages many writers and totally sabotages the purpose of writing.

If our goal is to get followers at any cost and writing doesn’t matter anything to us then Quora is still a great platform but anyone who is willing to improve their writing and grow as a writer definitely should not waste any more time there.

Why not a personal blog?

Starting a personal blog is great. I myself have one thriiwrill, where I write about my travel stories and experiences. But the problem with the personal blog is that there you won’t have any audience while starting out unlike already famous sites like Quora and Medium.

And growing a blog and bringing substantial traffic is a herculean task in itself. It takes considerable time and tremendous effort.

On the other hand, the medium already brings millions of traffic every month. So our only headache is writing good content, not the traffic. This aspect medium will take care of itself.

Why medium partner program is better than the Quora partner program?

Both sites offer monetization opportunities to their writers. But I personally find, medium partner program much better than Quora as it is quite simple and straight forward. Medium charges 5$ every month from their users and distribute some portion of it to its top-performing writers based on how much engagement, claps, and share they get from the readers for their contents.

But on the other hand, the Quora partner program is all about writers asking questions on Quora.

It is inscrutable as well as unproductive because, why someone who joined a site to read or write would ask questions unnecessarily just for the sake of money.

I understand questions are very important for a question-answer site like quora otherwise, writers won’t get anything to write about. But those questions should be genuine and authentic.

if a writer is investing their time and energy, people on the other side must get some value out of it.

The bottom line

Certainly, every site has its own pros and cons. And the same is the case with Quora and medium too. For the medium, one has to pay 5$ a month to keep reading but on the other hand, Quora is absolutely free, which is a good deal for those who want to read a range of contents without spending any money.

This answer predominately has been written from the perspective of a writer. Over a period of time, Quora is surely losing its credibility in the eyes of the writers who want to improve their writing and genuinely write well-researched perfectly articulated answers.

Because at the end of the day, when you take more than 2 hours to research and write an answer, and then some random guy put their collections of memes in an answer and get 10 times more appreciation and affinity. You feel bad. You feel so bad that you start looking for other alternatives where writers get their due respect.




Seeking serenity in sheer chaos. A writer, guitarist, backpacker, skateboarder, and everything else that intrigues me. www.yogiinjeans.com | www.thrillwrill.com

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Seeking serenity in sheer chaos. A writer, guitarist, backpacker, skateboarder, and everything else that intrigues me. www.yogiinjeans.com | www.thrillwrill.com

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